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3 Signs Your Dentist Needs New Equipment

With all the different equipment and machinery you would typically see when you visit your dentist, it’s easy to believe that every practice is up to date with the latest technology, but this isn’t always the case. Why wouldn’t a dental office want to stay up to date with the latest tools and technology anyway? Well, the biggest reason is because new dental machines and equipment are very expensive. iTero Scanners range from $20,000-$40,000 USD, CT Scanners are typically between $40,000-$80,000 USD, and CEREC machines cost approximately $100,000 USD. Keep in mind, these prices do not include maintenance costs that the dental equipment will need!

Since dental equipment can become so expensive, it’s very common for dental offices to settle for the bare necessities to do basic dental procedures when it comes to dental machines and equipment. Without advanced dental technology, you may notice an increase in wait times, longer treatment times, average results, and a lower rate of success with certain procedures. Lastly, since state-of-the-art dental equipment and machines are really designed to further enhance diagnosis and treatment accuracy, the need to revisit your dentist to make adjustments, revisions, or changes are virtually eliminated. We will cover these 3 signs in more detail below.


When it comes to visiting the dentist, patients are eager to get in and out. So, when they set an appointment with their dentist for a certain time, they expect to have little to no waiting period – after all, the point of setting an appointment is to get in and out as quickly as possible. This, however, is not the case when the dental office is using older dental equipment and machinery.

For practices that continue to perform dental procedures using outdated dental equipment, their patients can expect a longer than average waiting period. The older dental machines have a tendency to require more maintenance, require more preparation between treatments, and generally work more slowly than the newer dental equipment found today. If you’re waiting for more than 5 minutes during your scheduled appointment

Dentists that utilize newer, more advanced dental technologies, like Dr. Bhatha (a cosmetic dentist in Surrey), are able to see more patients. This is due to the fact that advanced dental equipment is more efficient, more accurate, and requires less preparation time between treatments. For the patient, this means they spend less time in the waiting room and less time in the dental office overall. Without some of the newer dental technologies, patients can expect to spend upwards of 30 minutes in the waiting room alone, while the dental team preps the outdated dental equipment for the next treatment.


Another drawback to visiting a dentist that uses older dental machines and equipment is longer treatment times. Dentists that use outdated dental equipment can take much longer to perform dental procedures compared to the modern dentists that are using new and advanced dental technologies.

Advanced dental technologies are much more accurate and efficient in performing dental procedures. Let’s take, for example, the iTero scanner that Dr. Bhatha uses to take impressions for his patients getting Invisalign in Surrey. The older method of taking a dental impression requires that the patient have a mouth full of putty for several minutes, which can cause many patients to gag. The dentist must then make sure the impression is taken properly before sending the hardened material to a dental laboratory. If the negative impression has any bubbles or did not take a complete impression, then the process must be performed again.

With the iTero scanner, there is no alginate material, no messy putty, and there is no need for taking multiple impressions. The iTero scanner accurately scans your teeth and takes a digital impression that can be quickly sent to a dental lab for the next steps. This can drastically cut treatment times, making a trip to the dentist a more pleasurable experience overall.


With older dental machines and equipment, dentists are simply unable to give their patients the best dental care possible. Outdated dental machines and equipment are just not as efficient or as accurate in performing common dental procedures.

Some of these older dental technologies have been around for decades, and although they were revolutionary when they were first introduced, they just cannot produce the same results that modern dental technologies offer. With the advanced dental technologies, like the iTero Scanner and CT Scanner, dentists have the ability to provide their patients with more accurate and efficient dental work, requiring less frequent visits to the dentist and more successful results.

For dental practices in Surrey that don’t have access to the advanced equipment and technology, Dr. Bhatha, provides CT scans for dentists in Surrey, as well as for his patients at Southridge Dental. Which has proven to be very useful and effective for his patients getting dental implants in Surrey.

At the end of the day, patients want to receive the best dental care possible without having to spend hours in their dentist’s office. With the ever changing sphere of dental technologies, dentists can provide the highest level of patient care by utilizing the advanced dental technologies that they have access to. For patients spending more than 5 minutes in the waiting room, it’s time to find a modern dentist that wants to provide the same level of dental care that you expect.

If you’re located in Surrey, Dr. Bhatha and the Southridge Dental Team, are always accepting new patients. Dr. Bhatha currently offers free consultations for Invisalign, Dental Implants, and other treatments. Call the office today at (604) 575-1555 to schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. Bhatha and his friendly staff!